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ByteManagers webcast a success

Survey generates solid industry insight

ByteManagers sponsored a webcast with Industrial Distribution ( and our customer Reid Supply ( The one hour webcast focused on the importance of quality product content and site search to help drive online revenue. Greg Palmer, Director of Marketing at Reid Supply, reported how recent efforts to overhaul their website led to a 17% increase in online revenue. The webcast drew 192 attendees from a total pool of 410 registrants. The profile of attendees and registrants was a broad cross section including a heavy dose from the Industrial Distribution market with company sizes ranging from under $25Million to an excess of $1Billion.

At the midpoint of the webcast, we conducted a survey that asked attendees "What percentage of your sales is generated online?" As you can see, over 27% of companies surveyed are generating more than 5% online, and 15% are generating more than 10% of company sales online!

Reid Webcast Survey Results.JPG

The webcast is archived and is available for viewing at:

We'll continue to post interesting data that came out of this webcast in future posts.

Joe Walsh
Manager, Customer Development

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  1. mspy
    Posted Friday, March 16, 2012 at 6:43:37 AM

    Encourage your customers to buy, and to buy some more. Creating a great sales copy is another way of improving online revenues. Present your products to customers in such a way that they can almost see or touch them in person.

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