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The Real World Impact of Faceted Search

Enriched faceted search isn't just changing the way e-commerce happens, it's also changing the world. In his June article "Death of the Salesman" from The Atlantic, Derek Thompson details how better e-commerce experiences-and how consumers are embracing them-are playing a part in slowing retail job creation. "Walmart, of course, isn't the biggest threat facing retail workers anymore. ...
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Design for Search Success

In his recent post, "Converting Search into Navigation," usability expert Jakob Nielsen detailed the benefits of presenting faceted navigation with category or subcategory pages as an alternative to traditional SERP (search engine results pages). Design for Search Success Nielsen promotes the Costco search design as discovered by a site tester who tried to buy a TV by entering a sea...
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Join us at the Gartner MDM Summit!

Next week, Rob Stowell, Director of Strategic Solutions at ByteManagers, and Nina LoCicero, Director Digital Strategy at Brady Corporation, will be presenting:  The Data Whisperer: Product Data tells you how to drive value, are you listening? Attendees will learn: How to make your data SHOUT vs. whisper Implementing a product data MDM program: 5 Best Practices How to ...
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How to budget for data

Optimizing product information on your website is no longer optional. It's essential if you want to keep up with behemoths like Amazon.  Accepting this new reality is easy, the difficult part comes when you reach for your wallet. For many, it's not a question of how MUCH do I budget, but simply how do I budget. Our answer is usually the same: Your data is an asset, so capitalize...
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This is your brain on data

I'm often amazed how much working closely with product data affects one's brain and day-to-day thinking.  With my background as a librarian, I've always been comfortable knowing a little bit about a broad number of topics (and knowing how and where to find more information when needed).  However, it is certainly a different experience digging deep into product data to build an...
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We're heading east!

Boston here we come! In just over a week members of our BMi crew will be heading east for the 13th Bi-Annual Multi-Channel and Online Retail Conference. Whew, that's a mouthful! From August 13th-16th Hollis, Lisa and Joe will be calling Booth #30 in the Solution Zone home, rubbing elbows with our retail brethren, soaking up all the latest trends and of course doling ou...
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Are you feeling lucky? With faceted search, you don't have to

In my days as Information Scientist in the making, I worked for one of the largest academic library systems in the U.S., in their Agricultural Sciences library - which in itself had one of the country's most impressive and comprehensive collections on agriculture and related sciences. We catered to everyone, from the nutritionist researching meal plans to the agriculturalist refining la...
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Taxonomy, Mythbuster's Edition

If you've ever seen the TV show Mythbusters, you know that in their search for the great truths of life - whether mixing Pop Rocks and Soda will explode your stomach or whether a cell phone really can cause a plane to crash - they like to blow stuff up.  I love blowing stuff up too.  And today I'm gonna blow up the common myths about taxonomy that are holding many businesse...
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Rethinking MRO inventory in a digital age

I started my first job back in the "dark ages", before smart phones and the internet. You know, 1990? I worked for a mom and pop machine tool distributor. There I spent my days helping customers purchase replacement parts and tooling for large OEM operations. And, in my spare time, I would inventory "returned" parts that had been laying around for the better part of a decade without sup...
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The case for a Product Search Engine

When you search with Google's web search engine, it looks for the terms in an index. This index was created from the pages that Google's robots have crawled in the past. A web search engine primarily looks for the following: If the document contains the query term (relevance) If the document is linked my many of its peers (authoritative) If it scores highly on lesser ...
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